COVID RESTRICTIONS Members E Mail & Secretary’s Reply

Members E Mail
“Whilst I realise we need to be mindful of the present guidance rules regarding the use of the Bowling green , surely our members could be trusted to use the green for occasional personal practice without booking a time . Perhaps there are other members ,like myself , who just want to have , say, half an hour , just practising alone . A stroll to the green , a few and a rest in the beautiful gardens around the green would I am sure be very acceptable to most likelyof our members. Those members who wish to hone their skills to match winning levels can of course book their hours to do just that..But please consider my request to be able to use the green freely. Longer , warmer days could mean that some members would appreciate an earlier start and on non match evenings a friendly game followed by a pint in the main club house. What could be nicer !!!”

Secretary’s Reply
Thank you for your comments on the ABC website regarding general access to the bowling green during the current Covid crisis.
You make a perfectly reasonable point of view and certainly all of us would agree in principle with the sentiments you have expressed.
However as you know, we are affiliated to the British Crown Green Bowling Association and are thereby obliged to follow their published guidance on this and all issues relating to the safety and welfare of club members and our visitors.
At the moment we are adhering to the current guidelines, effective from the 17th May, which although lifting many of the previous restrictions regarding numbers of people allowed to take part in bowling activities, still advises affiliated clubs to continue with a pre-booking system to record contact details of all players and visitors. It had been hoped that these and all other restrictions would have been lifted by 21st June but from recent Govt. announcements it would appear that the welcome news must be delayed for a little while longer.
I hope you will bear with us for the time being but rest assured it is an absolute priority that the green be fully opened to all and full bowling activities resumed as soon as possible.
Kind regards
Len Adams, Secretary.

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