AGM 20th NOV 22

A.G.M NOVEMBER 20th November 2022
In the absence of Brian Kneale, Trevor Dyson, opened the meeting at 7.30pm.
Attendance Register 37: C& L Adams, L. Burgess, M. Jacques, K&V Priestner, H. Amer,
A. Wilkinson, E. Collum, H. Preece, K&T Dyson, T&G Walmsley, B. Jack, S. McCarter, L. Bigley,
J. Johnson, L. Simpson, D&T Suthern, V. McGee, E&G Baker, W. Clegg, G&J Clark, P. White,
G. Gray, A. Holmes, L&T Battle, R. Stroud, A. Wilson, C. Hughes, G. Johnston, R. Fairhurst.
Apologies received from 12: L&B Kneale, E&S Johnston, M. Dolman, R. Sleeman, P&A Sowerby,
T&S Biddolph, H. Russell, B. Baylis.
In Memorium
The acting Chair then requested all those present to stand for a few moments silence to remember those members of the bowling club who had sadly passed away over the past year.
David Holmes, Hugh Collum, David Bromley & Jean Fairclough.
Minutes of AGM 2021
The minutes had been made available to all members via the Club website.
They were approved unanimously and duly signed as a correct record by the acting Chair.
Matters Arising – None
Chairmans Report
TD then gave the Chairman’s report in which Brian Kneale thanked the committee members, the maintenance working party and the coaching team for their support and valuable assistance throughout the year. He particularly commended Haydn Preece for his excellent work, bringing about a remarkable recovery to the badly damaged bowling green. He also thanked Bob Fairhurst for his introduction of the successful Sunday social bowling events.
He then gave a summary of reports received from captains of the 15 League Bowling teams.
He also reflected on the various social activities which had taken place over the season, the Ladies’ Day out at the Northern Club, the Queen’s Jubilee social event, the Mixed day out at the Longton Sports club, President’s Day and the very successful Presentation Dinner held at the Dolce Vita restaurant, thanking all those members who had worked so hard to arrange and manage these events for the benefit all who attended.
He also reported that a submission had been made to HMRC which provided a tax rebate on gift aided contributions made to the club. A substantial sum is expected.
Treasurers Report
The Treasurer provided copies of his accounts to the meeting which gave full income and expenditure details for the year. He summarised by reporting the various items of major expense including replacement of the surrounds mower with a new machine, new batteries for the defibrillator, the renewal of the flagging around the green which had been covered by grant money, and the introduction for the first time of bank charges. He then drew attention to the extraordinary expenditure which had occurred this year due to the extensive work carried out on green renovation, amounting to an additional £4k over the same period last year.
He stated that increased costs can be expected over the next few years with expenditure on the green increasing substantially due to higher labour and material costs and that this would almost certainly need to be reflected in the level of membership fees to be determined.
Election of Officers
President. Len Adams
Chair. In accordance with the Constitution the Vice-Chair, Karen Dyson, was declared Chair.
Vice-Chair. No nominations received; this would therefore be a committee appointment.
No other nominations being received; the following officers were declared.
Secretary. Len Adams,
Treasurer. Ged Walmsley
Safeguarding Officers. Vera McGee & Karen Dyson (Committee nomination)
Green Manager. Haydn Preece (Committee nomination)
Main Club Representative. Brian Kneale (to be assisted by Vera McGee & Haydn Preece).
Committee Member. Bob Fairhurst (Committee nomination)
Ex-Officio Member. In accordance with the Constitution, the retiring Chair, Brian Kneale, was declared ex-officio committee member.
Auditor. Trevor Dyson (Committee nomination)
General Business
Constitution. A proposition received from Sanny McCarter, seconded by Len Adams to amend Clause 30 in order to comply fully with the recommendations of the Bowls Development Alliance with respect to our Safeguarding and Anti-bullying Policies. This was passed unanimously.
Ladies Social Bowling. A proposition received from Lorna Simpson, seconded By Diane Suthern, that ‘The Ladies Social Bowling Day should remain on a Wednesday afternoon’.
Following relevant arguments from a number of members, a vote of 5 for the proposition and 16 against was recorded, the proposition was therefore declared lost.
Social Events. Various social events in 2023 requiring organisers.
Summer Social –
Mixed Day Out –
Ladies Day Out –
Men’s Day Out – Haydn Preece, Gary Baker & Graham Johnston
Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation – Karen Dyson, Vera McGee & Lucy Battle
Chairman’s Cup –
President’s Cup –
• Bob Fairhurst suggested approaches could be made to other clubs to with a view to promoting a joint bowls/social event.
• The President announced that both Sanny McCarter & Vera McGee had achieved the highest Gold Medal awards for their services to bowls coaching. He congratulated them, on behalf of the whole club, and presented them certificates confirming their awards.
There being no further business the meeting was closed by the Chair, Karen Dyson at 9.15pm.

Signed as a correct record. …………………………………………………………. Chair Date. …….…………………………