Venue: Bowls Clubhouse, 10.30am Tuesday 19th October 2023.
Present: Karen Dyson (Chair), Vera McGee, Pat White, Ged Walmsley,
Bob Fairhurst, Gary Baker and Len Adams. Apologies: Haydn Preece, Brian Kneale.
MINUTES The minutes of 20th September 2023 approved and signed by the Chair.
• September seeding went well and germination evident before end of season.
Renovation work was carried out including Top Dressing and further seeding.
• The autumn temperatures will encourage further germination to take place.
The winter programme will be concluded with spray treatments to strengthen and protect the turf through the winter.
• Confident the 2024 green will have more pace due to the new seeding /turf being more robust and established enabling me to verticut regularly from May.
• Our investment in our sorrel cartridge has been very successful allowing regular aeration which promotes a healthy green.
• Mike Bond will continue to mow depending on growth/ weather during close season.
• Discussions with Andrew Church and Tom Church for 2024 Green Programme. Costs will be estimates but I am conscious we need to manage ongoing finances as we’ve now got our green back to a good standard.
• Akwa has been contacted and is due to drain the water tank for the winter.
• The Dennis Mower will be serviced next March.
• Club finances stable, CASC submissions for Pool & Bowls to be submitted at end of the month.
• Electric inspection requires some remedial works leading to issue of a 5year safety certificate.
• Vodaphone have offered £2500 for mast replacement, turned down and waiting for increased offer.
• Club insurance business transferred to a Birkdale brokerage
• Cricket 1st team have been relegated.
• Discussions started with franchise for separation of Pool section activities from other members.
• The Club Finances are in reasonably good order with about £5k in the bank. This is largely due to some one-off items of income this year; namely £1944 for the Covid Insurance Claim, a very generous donation of £1000 towards the new Sorrell attachment for our mower, and a £500 grant towards replacing the gutter linings on the 2 remaining sides of the green (work to be completed this winter).
• This being the last committee meeting Ged would be attending as treasurer, Karen Dyson (Chair) expressed her thanks, on behalf of the whole committee, for his 12 years of service as club treasurer and his excellent stewardship of the club’s finances over that time..
MEMBERSHIP (LA) Nothing to report
• Treasurer’s Post, still no applications received for the pending vacancy.
Suggested approaching Steve Morrison to act as Auditor.
• Presentation Dinner.
Successful evening and thanks once again given to Karen & Vera for their hard work in organising the event. Next year’s event to be booked at same venue.
• Toilet Cleaning.
Discussion on possible paid for services not approved due to unacceptable impact it would have on subscriptions. Agreed to recruit a panel of members, ladies and gents, willing to continue with previous arrangement.
• Club Comps
Proposal received to run a series of one day comps throughout next season. This was unanimously approved as a welcome initiative.
Statutory 28 day notices have been issued for the AGM, by email for members listed and by post for those not listed.


Signed as a true and correct record …………………………………………………………