Venue Main Club, 10.00am Tuesday 21st June 2022.
Present: Brian Kneale (Chair), Karen Dyson (Vice Chair), Trevor Dyson, Ged Walmsley,
Vera McGee, Haydn Preece, Len Adams.
Apologies: None
The minutes of 3rd May 2022 were approved and signed by the Chairman.
• None
• BK reported a further £500 added to the Insurance claim, total offered now £15.
No details yet on proposed distribution.
TD consolidating the Club’s bank accounts for improved management.
• GW raised the issue of the main entrance barrier being permanently open, club vulnerable to further incursion by travellers. TD suggested problem following recent servicing to be resolved.
• Dispute with 3G still ongoing, Potholes in main driveway have been repaired. Estimates being prepared for total renewal of all electric systems, will include Bowls clubhouse.
• Also raised, the Main Club lounge not being readily available to bowls members on Pool & Poker nights and a complaint about the general cleanliness of tables.
These issues to be raised at next meeting of Main Club committee.
• Finances generally on track, c £7k in bank deposits and cash.
• Concern raised about spiralling green maintenance costs. Generally accepted that abnormal expenditure necessary for immediate green restoration work but future maintenance costs needed to be made transparent for proper budget control.
• Repair works ongoing. Watering system applied morning and night, aerating being carried out both mechanically and manually.
• Soil analysis received, indicating serious chemical imbalances and localised dry patch syndrome which is a typical condition for a sand based green.
• Green currently considered to be in decline, repair works being tailored to reverse this and, if possible, restore to former condition.
• All aspects of the green management including purchasing of materials and future labour costs to be kept under review.
The Chairman thanked HP for the enthusiastic way in which he has tackled the situation since taking over this difficult role.

• LA reported 2 new membership applications since end of May
• Current fully paid-up membership, 130 Full members, 3 Social and 2 Life
members, total listing 135.
Green Manager’s Duties
• Role description for the Green Manager compiled by HP was discussed and approved.
• No additions made.
• Suggested all future days out are planned for weekend dates to avoid problems with mid-week team selections.
• BK to review the date of the Mixed Day Out to avoid clash with the Flower Show.
Social Bowling
• Sunday afternoon sessions proving a success with good attendance from the new members, could more established members be encouraged to take part.
Bob Fairhurst congratulated on his initiative, regular assistance would be welcomed.
• VMcG agreed to continue as Safeguarding Officer but additional DBS approved persons required to replace SMcC.
• Suggestion received from membership regarding installing a safe to contain tea money after league matches. Not approved.
• GW reported two new calibrated jacks to replace one of the missing black jacks. Suggested remaining black and also the yellow jacks be recalibrated to provide long term availability of match jacks. To be done at end of this season.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 10am Tuesday 9th August in the Bowls clubhouse.

Signed as a true and correct record

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