MINUTES 12th FEB 2020

ABC COMMITTEE MEETING 10 am, Wed 12th February 2020
Present: Trevor Dyson (V/Chairman), Margaret Jacques (President),
Dave Holmes, Vera McGee, Sanny McCarter, Ged Walmsley, Len Adams,
Apologies: Val Cole, Ed Tennant
The minutes of the meeting held on 15th January were approved and signed by TD.
• GW reported approx. £6k at end of year. Known and projected expends to be approved by committee would leave c £3k balance, this he considered to be satisfactory.
• He proposed that to maintain equity throughout the club all League fees be covered by club finances, the addition of any CASC income would assist to fund this.
• Providing there was no increase in the Sports Levy at the Main Club AGM he proposed that the Bowls subscriptions remain the same for 2020. Although finances were secure for this year he envisaged the need for an increase in subs for 2021.
• All propositions approved.
• SMcC outlined the proposals of the green sub-committee for future management.
He will take over the liaison with contractors carrying out the heavy maintenance.
Mike Bond has agreed to take over the day to day maintenance of the green including grass cutting from the 1st March. Andrew Church agreed to give instruction on the operation of the new mower and also to service it as required.
• Members maintaining the flower beds had asked to retire, LA to include an appeal for new volunteers in the Spring Newsletter.
• The sprinkler system pump was due replacement, projected cost of £1300 + VAT
The fabric in the gutters around the green was proving a major problem with weed
growth and it was proposed to replace it with a rubber insert at a total cost of approx. £1k. One side was to be carried out firstly to enable assessment.
• Expenditure approved.
• DH produced the minutes of the last GP meeting. Nothing to report.
• SMcC concerned other sections not observing adequate Safeguarding practices.
• SMcC stated due to retirement new coaching staff now required. Initial training could be given in-house.
• SMc reported grant aid now received from Sports England and Ainsdale Councillors.
• The roofing works complete on the Clubhouse, toilet block and machine store. Window replacements also due completion.
Work on the fencing to be commenced as soon as funds available and to include replacement shelters.

• TD presented proposals for claiming tax refund which met the requirements of HMRC. Generally accepted mileage claim based on 45p/mile. Committee approved. TD to put into practice for the new season.
• SMcC reported register underway but to date only 50% complete.

• John & Gwen Clark have arranged a social in Main Club lounge Friday 27th March.
Entertainment & Buffet, tickets £12. LA to circulate membership.

• The Ormskirk & the Southport Men’s Vets Leagues will allow clubs to register mixed teams. The committee has been asked to consider this in line with our new Constitution.
• No real enthusiasm shown by the membership at this time but the issue to be reviewed if in future teams indicate problems fulfilling fixtures.

Date of next meeting: TBA

Signed as a true and correct record