Minutes 28.8.18

ABC COMMITTEE MEETING Tuesday 28th August 2018
Present: Anne Holmes (Chairman), Ed Tennant (Vice Chairman),
Margaret Jacques (President), Vera McGee, Ged Walmsley, Dave Holmes, Dave Robertson, Sanny McCarter and Len Adams.
The minutes of the meeting held on 26th April were approved and signed by the Chairman.
• ET stated that due to the lack of interest shown by members the Tuesday morning social bowling for men would not be continued.
• GW reported that annual subscriptions had now been received from 126 members including 4 new members from the coaching courses and that we currently had a bank balance of approx. £6k.
He reported that after all normal expenses are accounted for we show an annual surplus of between £800 – 1000 which means we are in a healthy position financially.
• SMcC pointed out that the surplus was equivalent to that received from sponsorship which was becoming increasingly difficult to attract and that we should not be complacent.
• D.H stated that he intended to commence winter maintenance work on the green on Tuesday 2nd October immediately after the end of competitive bowling, the green would therefore be closed from that date until further notice. LA agreed to notify the membership by email
• DH also reported that the boards surrounding the edges of the green were in a poor state and needed replacing. Approval was given for the purchase of the necessary wood if the volunteer squad agreed to carry out the work.
• He also reported the Clubhouse was in need of redecoration and would programme that work for next springtime.
• The floodlights have now been properly adjusted and the level of lighting very much improved.
• DR had indicated his wish to resign as bowls rep on the Main Club committee.
It was agreed to raise the issue of a replacement at the AGM in November, in the meantime ET kindly agreed to attend the September & October meetings on behalf of the bowls section.
• The situation regarding cricket & pool subscriptions was still not clear but it is understood that John Clark & Andrew White, the Treasurer, are actively involved.
• GW raised the matter of the proposed purchase of a tractor and questioned where the funds were to be found.
DH understood that this was being considered as a cheaper alternative to the current grass cutting contract but no firm details are known at present.
• DH complained about the control of the music system in the main clubhouse when Andy Barlow is absent, a recent visit was made uncomfortable because of the noise.
• MJ said she would like to see the President’s Day, previously cancelled, take place before the end of the season. Sun. 16th September was agreed, starting at 12 noon.
VMcG agreed to put a notice up in the clubhouse with a list for entries, LA to notify members by email.
• LA reported that the notice for the Annual Dinner & Prize Presentation evening had been issued to all members. It was noted that the Ladies League Prize Presentation on the same evening may affect attendance.
• A discussion on what should be given to recognise top averages in the various league teams eventually decided to return to the presentation of an engraved plaque.
LA agreed to liaise with the engraver
• SMcC reported that the BCGBA had joined a national affiliation of other Bowling Associations encompassing both crown green & flat green disciplines.
The new affiliated group intended to revise the current coaching systems introducing a new qualification which required completing a 2 year course costing in the region of £200.
It was felt that this would be well beyond the means of most local clubs and will be resisted, however current coaching qualifications were deemed sufficient for the present time.
• Four new members had joined during the season from the coaching sessions.
Club membership currently stands at 126.
• Defibrillation training . VMcG agreed to make further contact with the trainer with a view to arranging a suitable date or dates depending on numbers wishing to participate, possibly in October.
• Care Officer/Safeguarding Officer. The BCGBA require all affiliated clubs to appoint a suitable person to act in this capacity before the start of next season.
SMcC and all our qualified coaches have the necessary clearances to meet the post description.
A formal interview conducted by the chairman concluded that in view of his past experience in this field SMcC was the most suitably qualified person to be appointed. The appointment was formally proposed by ET, seconded by DH and approved unanimously by the committee.
SMcC agreed to develop a policy statement to be approved by the committee at the next meeting then presented to the AGM for inclusion in the Club Constitution.
• LA reported that the wall mounted housing of the club defibrillator had been damaged. Kevan Priestner had sourced a stronger and more easily accessible housing, approx. cost £150. Approval was given for KP to proceed with replacement as soon as possible.
• The Southport Parks League have requested the use of the green on Thursday September, 13th & 20th. This has been entered into the club diary and will be subject to a green charge of £10 per team.

There being no further business, AH closed the meeting at 11.55am

Date of next meeting: 10amTuesday 30th October

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