Minutes 4th December 2019

ABC COMMITTEE MEETING 10 am, Wednesday 4th December 2019
Present: Val Cole (Chairman), Margaret Jacques (President), Ed Tennant, Trevor Dyson (V/Chairman) Ged Walmsley, Vera McGee, Sanny McCarter, Len Adams.

Apologies: Dave Holmes
The minutes of the meeting held on 8th October were approved and signed by VC.
VC welcomed TD attending as the newly appointed Vice Chairman.

• SMc reported that he had started to formulate an ICE register. A form is to be sent to all members requesting two contact numbers to be used in an emergency. Future membership application forms will include this requirement.
• SMc also raised the approval of the Constitution at the AGM and the fact that Clause 18 had been accepted pending further discussion with the Main Club.
• LA confirmed a letter had been sent to John Clark re the financing of the boundary wall repair/replacement. This matter was ongoing.

TREASURERS REPORT • GW reported no change from the report he gave to the AGM in November. Finances remain healthy and no change is expected in the subs for next season.

GREEN MANAGER • In DH’s absence it was reported that the board replacement work had been completed by Jim Alldritt and his team, further work now suspended until the New Year. There was no progress on replacing the carpet fabric in the gutters around the green, several options were being researched.

MAIN CLUB REPORT • The grant application had been discussed without resolution. Further meetings with the Secretary & Treasurer were planned, SMc to progress.

CASC • SMc outlined the principles involved. Tax can be claimed back for expenses incurred on the purchase of equipment and travel costs. Other sections had apparently been successful and the Main Club recommended Bowls to consider.

GRANT APPLICATIONS • SMc reported progress with the grant applications. Claims had been made to several bodies providing financial assistance to sports organisations and some success had been achieved. The necessary total of £8.5k was still some way off but he had hopes of further offers in the very near future. Discussions with the Main Club are to continue.

AOB 50th ANNIVERSARY • SMc confirmed that 2020 was the Club’s 50th year. He proposed that the Annual Dinner should reflect this milestone.
It was agreed that the prize presentation at the Dinner was now outdated and probably best conducted at the AGM. Although a provisional booking had been made at the OL Golf Club, Kevan Priestner was to be asked to look at alternative venues, Formby Hall Golf Club being suggested. LA agreed to liaise with KP and report back.

• ET expressed dissatisfaction at the membership turnout at the AGM. Only 24 people had attended which did not meet the 25% required for a quorum under the terms of the Constitution. More effort was needed to inform members of their responsibilities towards the Club.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 8th January 2020. 10am at 8,Bridgend Drive.