MINUTES 8th Oct 2019

ABC COMMITTEE MEETING 10 am Tuesday 8th October 2019
Present: Ed Tennant (Chairman), Margaret Jacques (President), Vera McGee, Dave Holmes, Anne Holmes, Sanny McCarter, Len Adams.
Apologies: Val Cole (Vice Chair), Ged Walmsley,
The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd July were approved and signed by ET.
MATTERS ARISING  SMc reported that the issue of the floodlights was now resolved.
TREASURERS REPORT  GW’s report posted prior to the meeting. No surprises since the last Meeting. I am expecting a final bill from Dave Holmes and for some timber etc. from Jim Alldritt for the working party. I also expect to pay approx. £1700 to Andrew Church for his end of year work (last 2 years £1600 +). I am not aware of any other outstanding bills. That will leave our balance at EOY of approx. £5200. We started the year at approx. £4000 which should allow us to replace the Clubhouse roof if no grants are successful.
GREEN MANAGER  DH reported that the end of season work had now been completed by Andrew Church, the green having been hollow tined, top dressed and re-seeded.  The artificial grass carpet in the gutters is not satisfactory and is causing unnecessary hard work for the maintenance team. Consideration should be given to replacing it with rubber or similar material.  Ann Holmes stated that she could no longer assist with green maintenance.
MAIN CLUB REPORT  Nothing to report involving the Bowls section. Traffic signs still being discussed and concern was still being expressed with regard to cars parking on the grass verges at the site entrance.
COACHING  SMc reported a successful year with 8 new members being introduced as a result. He will review what coaching facilities will be provided next season.
CONSTITUTION  LA provided copies of the final draft.  SMc referred to Clause 18 which determined that all funds remaining in the event of dissolution of the Bowls section would be donated to the BCGBA for the development of bowling in general and not simply absorbed into to the Main Club funds. A similar idea had been adopted by the Football section and SMc had received the approval of the Main Club secretary John Clark.  Committee approved the draft as presented and LA was charged with circulating copies to the membership for approval at the AGM.
GRANT APPLICATIONS  SMc reported progress with the grant applications. Provisional offer of £3500 received from Sports England but was conditional on support from the Main Club. A number of other source had been contacted and the outcome awaited. Still much work required to result in a firm offer. LA asked to draft a letter to the Main Club requesting financial support.
AOB  EMERGENCY CONTACTS SMc recommended Committee to review the development of an Emergency Contact Register. Some work had already been done and new members were now asked to provide appropriate details on their application form. However there was nothing available for team captains or others to notify the relatives of members in the event of an emergency. He kindly undertook to develop a workable scheme, LA agreed to provide initial framework. 
CAPTAINS REPORTS ET requested if all team captains could provide him with a brief report for his Chairman’s report to the AGM. LA agreed to progress. 
AGM PROPOSITIONS LA reminded Committee that any propositions and proposals for committee posts are required on or before 26th October. ET suggested thought be given to a replacement for Val Cole as Vice Chairman.

Date of next meeting: TBA

Signed as a true and correct record

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