Simon Biddolph and Rob Stroud are organising & running a few internal club competitions this season and they hope they can rely on your support to make the events a success going forwards into future seasons.

The competitions will be played to 21 and held as full-day events over the season on the following dates:

Saturday 25 May Pairs

Saturday 22 June Arcari Men’s Singles

Saturday 27 July Merit Men’s Singles

Saturday 7 September Singles – open to men & women

Entry forms will be posted in the club-house at least six weeks in advance, with the draw taking place and subsequently communicated a week prior to the event, giving members adequate notice. The initial Pairs event will involve a draw for a partner and a draw for the opposing pair; we want to encourage a sociable mixing of members, particularly for this first event.

An entrance fee will be paid on the day; the amount due will be shown on individual competition sheets and this will be used primarily for monetary prizes. We currently have two physical trophies and we are looking at getting more to take the competitions forward season by season: perhaps long-standing members may wish to contribute towards the purchase of said new trophies by the club ?

As day events starting at 10am, members will be encouraged to mark & measure whilst not playing, and to stay and support the whole event. Please bring your own food. Tea & coffee will be provided. Alcoholic drinks can be bought from the bars at the main clubhouse.

Simon & Rob need as much support as possible so they can take the format forwards. Things are not set in stone and suggestions from members will be taken on board by them for improving the experience for all.


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